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Julie and Heywood

It's no exaggeration to say that Wendy has completely changed our lives in helping us to train our "wayward" Heywood! We didn't really understand the frowns when we introduced her at puppy class as a Border Collie/Jack Russell cross, but soon began to realise why, as the challenge increased.

Heywood is a lovely little girl but has been described more than once as being like a wild fox when we first took her along to the classes at about 4 months old, but thank goodness we did. I hate to think what she'd be like now at 14 months if we hadn't. Fortunately she has a lovely nature and took immediately to the socialisation classes, although the "go play" was by far her favourite part of the session! Still, we made good progress and she's great with other dogs, playing as hard as they'll let her but submitting immediately if we meet an unfriendly dog, obviously deprived of these valuable early lessons.

The biggest problem we had, which is common with many dog owners, was with the dreaded "recall". Off the lead walks at the beautiful St. Anne's Hill in Chertsey was no problem at all... until it came time to go home. Would she come back to my husband, who took her out for her daily walks over the winter months? NO, she most definitely would not! He used to spend an hour at a time waiting for her to come back in the freezing cold as she intermittently returned to make sure he was still there and then sped off again before he could catch her. More than once she appeared on the end of someone else's lead, who had managed to catch her, having seen her racing round them a couple of times having great fun on her own!

We were truly devastated that what had previously been an absolute joy had become a nightmare. An extending lead was purchased and it seemed we'd be confined to this restrictive exercise for ever more. My husband lost all enthusiasm for the walks, and although Heywood didn't misbehave in the same way with me, we discussed it with Wendy and booked a one-to-one session for just her, my husband and the naughty pup.

What a brilliant idea that was!! Having watched how Mike recalled Heywood, Wendy recommended a simple "Heywood here" combined with pointing at his feet. He was pretty confident he'd cracked it in just the one session when he returned home, so it was with great excitement that we went out together next day to try it out. It was Heywood's first time off the lead for a while so we were a bit nervous, but all went well and it was then building up to the all-important, time to go home. Would it work out in the real world as well as it did in the training field??? Oh Yes!!! First time of calling when she was over the other side of the field - she stopped what she was doing, came over and sat at our feet!!! Thought it might have just been beginners luck so I tried it myself next day and it worked immediately, and from then on it really has worked like a charm. Guess she just picked up that simple command and now knows that's what's expected of her at the end of the walk, so our stress-free walks are back!!! Can't wait to take her out now, come rain or shine.

This ended up a longer story than intended but just wanted to let everyone know how fantastic it is to have a dog able to understand what we want her to do. Everyone says dogs want to please, they just need to know what you want, and that's certainly been the case with us.

Can't thank Wendy enough for her brilliant weekly training sessions at Company of Animals, and this personal session was the best thing we've done with our new little rascal - it really was the icing on the cake!

Don't hesitate, book a session, it could change your lives too!!

Julie - Heywood
May 2013

Zoe and Lexi

Hello Wendy,

Just wanted to say Thanks for all the training. My sister Julie is going to bring Lexi on Wednesday and will have the money for the two items.

Wendy worked miracles with our new puppy and had her eating out of the palm of her hand! We had Wendy round for a two hour home session and it was briliiant - Wendy helped us to train Lexi the correct way and to avoid bad habits and we would thoroughly recommend a home visit prior to the classes! Best money we have spent in a log time.


Zoe - Lexi
Feb 2013

Wendy and Poppy

Just a line or two to say thank you very much for Poppy's recent puppy training. She really has gone from completely binkers to being such a joy and I've learned so much!

We're going to keep working on our new found skills over the winter and hope to join you next year for some more classes.

Wendy - Poppy
October 2012

Dr Ian Dunbar

It's been a great pleasure to have known Wendy for nearly ten years. Her love, understanding and passion for dogs makes her one of the shining lights of the dog world.

It is so refreshing for me to see how Wendy uses her deep knowledge of dog behaviour and training to make learning a pleasure for both dogs and their owners. Wendy's goal has always been to help her clients develop a close, calm and fulfilling relationship with their doggie companions.

Berkeley, California.
July 2007

Clicker Training - Professor Anthony Milton D.Sc.

When I obtained my first Border Terrier in 1975, we lived in Aberdeenshire in Scotland and choke chains and shouted commands were all the rage at the training classes. I had to admit I used that method of training for many years. However it was in 2004, after we had moved to Cambridgeshire, that I was looking for new training classes for one of my puppies and saw an advert for clicker training in my vets surgery. I enrolled a young dog puppy in the class which was run by a young German lady, and this was my introduction to clicker training. I was most taken with it, and two of my puppies were so trained. The classes continued until the instructor had to return to Germany. In 2006 with a new puppy I had to look around for a new instructor. Searching clicker training website, I found a national site which listed Wendy King's name, and she was the nearest to my home. It proved to be a good choice and since then Wendy has trained six of my Border Terrier puppies.

What do I like about the classes? First of all the size, all the ones I have attended there have been about eight puppies. This helps in socialising the puppies, but without being overwhelming. It also means Wendy has time to talk to the owners of the puppies, see what each puppy is getting up to, and give advise accordingly. The classes are just the right length in duration so that the puppies do not get bored. Second, at the end of each lesson Wendy hands out homework sheets so that the owners can practice with their puppies before the following week's class. I consider this very important, as puppies need continual training, I don't think it does much good just to come along to the class, and forget about everything until the next class.

I have never seen Wendy fazed by, or get angry with any owner or their dog. This is quite an achievement. The classes run smoothly, and everyone seems happy.

All in all it has been a positive experience, and I am personally grateful to Wendy in the training of my puppies.

30th April 2009

Socialisation - Wendy Baxter

Took my very large 4 month old dobermann puppy to a course of Wendy's puppy training classes. We both learnt a lot and my puppy Taylor definitely benefited from socialising with other puppies. Wendy gave me lots of tips, not only on training, but on things to work on with him and was always available to ask about any problems we may be having at home. Taylor is doing very well and I would definitely recommend one of Wendy's courses.

Aug 2011.


Wonderful time. Can't wait for next 6 weeks!

Anita and Kevin Anderson
Jun 2011


Very helpful trainer who was genuinely interested and obviously loves dogs

Dal Hettiaritch - Ruby
Mar 2011


Dog training has been a very positive experience for both myself and my dog. We have learnt obedience and the commands to use in different situations. My dog is becoming a pleasure to own and to take anywhere.

Di Mason
Apr 2011


Myself and Baxter really enjoyed our 6 week course. I was delighted and found the experience much more positive and helpful than our last training experience. Really liked Wendy's way of training.

Kelly Mount
May 2011


Wendy is a very confident and helpful trainer offering sound advice

Mary Adkins
May 2011

Brilliant Progress

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how delighted I am will Chili's progress since our training session with you.

I know it's early days and there'll be plenty of challenges in the future but she is 100% improved! She's listening to me more, looking at me more, waiting for me to tell her what to do before charging off to play! It seems like all the training we've done since she was 9 weeks old has kicked in more than ever.

We are going to places that I was a bit wary of last week due to her lack of recall and she's really waggy and licky when I call her back to me - we are both really enjoying our walks more than ever.

So thank you very much for coaching the pair of us last week and understanding what we needed - very refreshing.

I have recommended you to all doggy friends - I think retriever 'Percy' has already been in contact. I've also suggested my frend and dogwalker to contact you.

Many many thanks again for a more relaxed owner and boxer pup.

Karen Hill
Apr 2011


The course has been a pleasure where Wendy's teaching methods teach the owners as well as the dogs! I have taken all my dogs to Wendy over the years (as I am an accredited breader) and have recommended Wendy to many puppy owners.

Linda Davis
May 2011


It has been enormously helpful in learning how to get Lloyd to know what we expect from him. He has really enjoyed socialising with all kinds of dogs and seems to now know being obedient can be really rewarding.

Susan Livesey
Jul 2011


Very good experience. Kaiser has been attending since 10 weeks, he is now 1 year old!

Jane Waddington
Jul 2011